Welcome To Our Tierra Madre Arts Gallery

Honoring Art in Nature and Nature in Art

You are invited to explore our hand-selected sampling of regional arts that promote and assist many talented local artisans through our genuine “Fair Trade” practices

Our “boutique” gallery is conveniently located in our Common Room/Library

We specialize in authentic Zuni fetishes and larger stone sculptures, cottonwood carvings, paintings and pottery; local Navajo rugs, paintings and jewelry; Hopi cottonwood carvings and yucca baskets & rattles; contemporary watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings by local artists

We dedicate this page to our dear friend, Dwight Mahooty, whom we lost to cancer in 2012. Dwight was a very talented wood carver from Zuni Pueblo and was Sheri’s “Right Hand Man” for several years helping with many projects around the B&B. He is missed but his gentle and creative spirit lives on through his many, unique hand-carved pieces of cottonwood art.

We personally know the more than 40 artists that we represent and directly purchase pieces that meet our standards of quality. The only consigned works are some of our paintings at 15% ~ the artist receives the balance.

We are a small, personable establishment. If you are interested in an item offered in our Fair Trade Gallery, please give us a call at 800-856-5776. We accept all major credit cards and will take your information over the phone for the purchase of your selected, one-of-a-kind artwork (if still available). We thank you for your support and look forward to talking with you.


The Ramah Navajo are known for their original designs
Each rug is woven with hand-carded wool from their personal flocks of Churro sheep

  • Katherine Eriacho

    Ramah Navajo
    of the
    Mountain View Chapter

  • Katherine Eriacho weaving 1Katherine’s Weaving
    Natural colors of her
    sheep’s wool
    Red dye from cochineal
    31.5″ long x 20″ wide
  • Katherine Eriacho weaving 2Katherine’s Weaving
    Natural colors of her
    sheep’s wool
    Red dye from cochineal
    with blue yarn accent
    35″ long x 21″ wide
  • Katherine Eriacho weaving 3Katherine’s Weaving
    All natural colors of her
    sheep’s wool
    4 feet long x 22″ wide

Helen Pino and her sister-in-law Mary Pino

Ramah Navajo of the Mountain View Chapter

  • Helen with her rug
    (sorry ~ sold)
    and two baskets
    at our gallery on a
    snowy April day

Helen’s Traditional Navajo Healing Ceremony Baskets

These rare baskets are woven of willow hand-gathered along the
San Francisco River in the mountains south of the Ramah Navajo Reservation

  • Helen Pino Basket 1
    This shallow tightly woven basket measures
    12 to 12.5 inches in diameter
    Natural willow color and commercial dye
  • Helen Pino Basket 2
    This shallow tightly woven basket measures
    11.5 to 11.75 inches in diameter
    Natural willow color and commercial dye

  • Mary Pino

    Mary with one of her larger weavings in front of a blooming Rocky Mountain Bee Plant at nearby Inscription Rock Trading & Coffee Company owned & operated by our friends Pam & Jon Pickens. This photo is courtesy of Jon & Pam as Sheri did not have her camera when Mary came by our gallery and is residing with family away from the Ramah Navajo Reservation.

  • Mary Pino weaving 1
    Mary’s Weaving
    Natural colors of her sheep’s wool and vegetal dye:
    brown: locally gathered lichen
    9″ long x 12.5″ wide


  • Herbert Halate

    Herbert with one of
    his “Walking Bears”
    carved of jet
    (sorry ~ this bear found
    a home in Australia)

  • Herbert Halate Walking Bear“Walking Bear” carved of “snowflake”
    Alabaster with jet and turquoise
    arrowhead “spirit pack”
    6″ long x 3.5″ wide x 2.25″ tall
  • Herbert Halate CougarStylized Cougar carved of Pipestone
    with mother of pearl and turquoise
    arrowhead “spirit pack”
    9.75″ long x 2.25″ wide x 3″ tall
  • Halatte bear & cougar
  • Herbert Halatte bear & cougar

  • Alan Lewis

    Zuni Carver

  • Chess Set

    Hand carved of cottonwood root

    Spanish vs. Zuni
    $ 900.00
    Playing board 13.5” square

    Zuni playing pieces: Governor & Wife (King & Queen); two Bow Priests (Bishops); two warrior horses (Knights); two pueblos (Rooks); eight corn with husks (Pawns)
    Heights range from: Governor (King) at 5.75” to corn (Pawn) at 2.5”

    Spanish playing pieces: King & Queen; Conquistador and Priest (Bishops); two armored horses (Knights); two missions with moveable wooden bells (Rooks); eight stylized corn (Pawns)
    Heights range from: Mission (Rook) at 5.5 ” to corn (Pawn) at 2.5”

    Set shown in our Gallery / Common Room