Points of Interest & Mileages
  • Acoma Pueblo/Sky City/H’aaku Cultural Center 65 miles
    Albuquerque/Old Town/Museums 105 miles
    Bisti Badlands/De-Na-Zin Wilderness 120 miles
    Bluewater Lake State Park (via Highway 53/I-40) 63 miles
    Canyon de Chelley National Monument (AZ) 159 miles
    Chaco Canyon/Culture National Historical Park 130 miles
    Cibola National Forest (via Forest Rd. 50) 5 miles
    Crownpoint Navajo Rug Auction 80 miles
    El Malpais National Monument ~ Info. Center 7 miles
    El Malpais National Conservation Area (via Grants/Hwy. 117) 60 miles
    El Malpais National Conservation Area (via County Rd. 42) 5 miles
    El Morro National Monument 12 miles
    Gallup Cultural Center/Storyteller Museum/Gallery of Masters 65 miles
    Grants Chamber of Commerce/Mining Museum 32 miles
    Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site (AZ) 122 miles
    Ice Caves/Bandera Volcano 4 miles
    Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (Abq.) 105 miles
    Laguna Historic Mission Church/Historic Rt. 66 58 miles
    Northwest New Mexico Inter-Agency Visitor Center (Grants) 33 miles
    Petrified Forest National Park (AZ) 151 miles
    Ramah Historical Museum 26 miles
    Ramah Lake 27 miles
    Red Rock State Park 75 miles
    Rio Grande Nature Center State Park 95 miles
    Santa Fe 150 miles
    Sedona (AZ) 282 miles
    Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary 20 miles
    Window Rock/Navajo Nation Museum (AZ) 85 miles
    Zuni Pueblo/Visitor Center/Old Mission 45 miles

We invite you to experience Zuni Culture through a personal, in-depth archeological tour or a tour of “Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission and/or Middle Village” or “Artist Studio Tour” led by Zuni staff. Please call the Zuni Arts and Visitor Center for rates and to schedule the tour of your choice: (505) 782-7238.

Local Arts Venues

  • Ancient Way Arts Trail/Festival … Grants~Zuni~Gallup Hwy 53 & 602
    Cibola Arts Council/Double Six Gallery (Grants) 32 miles
    El Morro Area Arts Council/Old School Gallery 11 miles
    Inscription Rock Trading & Coffee Company 11 miles