Planning Your Visit

Our “Land of Enchantment” is vast and beautiful with breathtaking scenery along well maintained 2-lane highways often with many miles between towns and services.

Please be prepared for rural travel with a full tank of gas, drinking water and nutritious snacks to ensure a comfortable trip in our beloved state of New Mexico.

Please remember that although we are oddly stuck with a Grants, NM mailing address ~ we are located 30 miles SW of Grants on Highway 53.

**Please do not use your GPS navigating system with our mailing address of 689 Oso Ridge Route to find us or you will find yourself hopelessly lost in Grants.

We recommend shopping for groceries, wine, etc. in either Grants, Gallup, Zuni or Albuquerque if you wish to enjoy preparing meals in the fully equipped kitchen of your suite.


We are located along the Continental Divide at 7,700 ft. in elevation. Summer nights are pleasantly cool offering a comfortable night’s sleep.

Spring can be unpredictable with days in the 50’s up to 70 degrees but can also snow as late as the first week of June at our elevation. Be sure to layer your clothing and be prepared for our spring winds when the cold air of winter mixes with the warmer air of spring and summer.

May is often quite dry and can be wonderful with just the right temperatures ~ however, it can also snow if it wants to at our elevation. We have had a few inches of snow and 27 degree temperatures as late as May 22nd and have had up to 6 inches of snow the first week of June. Of course this does not last, but can come as a shock if not aware and not prepared.

May is often a good time to take the southern dirt road into Chaco Culture National Historic Park or to explore New Mexico’s many designated Back Country Byway dirt roads including County Road 42 from Bandera Crater through the Chain of Craters of El Malpais National Monument and Conservation Area to Highway 117. They will in most cases be dusty but will also be dry, offering good “footing” for your vehicle and won’t be as hot as the month of June. We stress here to be sure to rent a vehicle with high clearance to avoid undercarriage damage if these dirt roads have deep ruts from previous tracks when wet. These clay roads set-up like concrete when dry!

June is our hottest and driest month up into the low to mid 90 degree range in our mountainous area and higher at lower elevations such as Zuni, Chaco Canyon, Grants and Albuquerque.

Remember that our humidity is very low before our summer rains. Many guests coming from humid areas have found that the use of a saline nasal spray helps with dry sinuses.

July and August ~ into the first week of September is when we receive our summer rains with afternoon thunderstorms which can be quite intense with heavy rain, hail and lightning. Plan to do your outdoor activities in the mornings and enjoy the beautiful wildflowers, green meadows and fresh air! This is a time to avoid driving on New Mexico’s dirt roads! Many of our dirt roads are composed of clay which when wet is slicker than ice as the clay mud coats the tread of your tires giving you no traction regardless of whether you have a 4-wheel drive or not.

September is beautiful and like July & August ~ lush with green meadows and wildflowers. Our sunflowers will still be blooming and this time of year is when our chamisa is in full bloom. The days are often pleasantly warm but nights may be down to freezing at our elevation.

October is mid Fall for us and is often dry.

November is late Fall with our first winter storm usually coming around Thanksgiving. Don’t be too concerned though as Thanksgiving is often the beginning of our busy holiday time. Call ahead if wanting a reservation.

Winter is winter for us up here, but days are often sunny and can be above freezing. Nights can be extremely cold with lows from -10 degrees to extremes of -30 degrees. We can receive a fair amount of snow some winters and not much as this past winter was for us. We have an excellent road crew which plows Highway 53. However be prepared for possible snow on our driveway as we do not have a plow. Give us a call if you have concerns or if you’d just like to know if we have enough for an enjoyable cross-country ski on our property.