Nature Trail/B&B Hikes

One of the most interesting aspects of our property is the 300 million year old San Andreas Marine Limestone formation just behind the B&B.

This subtle knoll of exposed limestone is full of impressions and fossils of ancient sea life ranging from colonies of Crinoids (similar to our present day sea lilies) to individual Ammonites (similar to our present day Nautilus).

We invite you to gently stroll through this delicate micro habitat and also discover the many miniature plant species found only here in the limestone.

  • Milkwort

  • Dragonhead Mint

Tom having fun with macro-photography among the many natural limestone rock gardens

  • Wild Portulaca

  • Variegated Fritillary Butterfly on Wild Geranium

  • Pygmy Prickly Pear Cactus

Exploring our “Canyon” and “Lightning Hill”

Other easy trekking options on our property include a walk directly east of the B&B to our shallow canyon of the Yeso Limestone Formation with beautiful hues of golds, lavenders and purples.

Above the canyon is an area we refer to as “Lightning Hill” where many trees among the inviting grassy “parks” show their summer monsoon lightning strike scars of years past.

  • Cimarron with Oso Ridge (Continental Divide) in the background