Welcome to Our “Green” Inn

Our philosophy of holistic living is deeply rooted here at Cimarron Rose.

Conservation has always been a way of life for us, from Tom’s 20 years of living in remote areas of West Africa and Guatemala to Sheri’s experiences living in the backcountry of Utah and New Mexico. For us, conservation comes naturally and we enjoy the opportunity to share this authentic lifestyle with our guests.

Perhaps what our Eco-friendly Inn, Cimarron Rose, is best known for is the extensive water catchment system which harvests rain and snowmelt from the 3,000 sq. ft. roof into a 7,000 gallon cistern storage system which provides utility water throughout the house.

However, the Inn’s most apparent connection to the Earth are the large beautiful historic timbers which the house is built of. These strong timbers and the interior roof decking of the high vaulted ceilings were lovingly salvaged from a once vital ice warehouse in Phoenix and brought here to the Zuni Mountains by the original owner/artist to create this unique hand built home.

We are pleased to offer our guests an environment free of the harmful smoke and
chemicals associated with cigarettes as we are a totally non-smoking establishment
inside AND out

  • Laundry utilizes grey water system with biodegradable, dye & perfume free detergents.
  • No air fresheners ~ each suite has screened windows and doors for ample fresh air
  • Unscented candles are provided for your enjoyment
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning agents with mindful, minimal use of antibacterial to ensure your bathroom is clean and healthy
  • Energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs, low voltage lighting on timers & solar lighting where appropriate
  • Natural gardening practices ensuring the health of our guests, wildlife and the plants they depend upon
  • We Recycle!

All of our suites are provided with a receptacle for recycling or repurposing:

  • 1 & 2 plastic
  • tin & aluminum
  • corregated cardboard, magazines, etc. newspaper, office paper and paper bags
  • glass

Our active recycling program at the B&B isn’t easy as it entails hauling a truckload at a time to Albuquerque – our nearest recycling center.

We are also sponsors of the New Mexico Adopt-A-Highway Litter Control Program. We are responsible for cleaning a mile of Scenic Highway 53, which includes the frontage of our B&B.

In addition, our internet service hosting this site and our telephone company are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

This website is hosted through solar power.